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Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2019


Comfort is one of the most things that players would like to receive from their shoes at a game of basketball. The right kind of shoes will provide you with flexibility and manoeuvrability so that you can take any leap for all types of shoots. But if you’re confused about the kind of shoes that you need to get for your wide feet, then here are some options made out of the best in the market.


1. Nike Lebron ⅩⅢ


Multiple features and the essence of quality make these shoes one of the best picks in the market. The rubber sole in these shoes is worth mentioning, as it manufactured using excellent quality helps improve your game skills. The added feature of zoom air hexagon with 13mm cushioning provides all the factors that you require during a game of basketball. Flexibility, mobility and stability can be achieved even at dusty courts, and you will not regret these pair of shoes. But players with high arches might not find them to be suitable.


2. Jordan Men’s Air ⅩⅩⅩⅠ


There are high chances that you might fall for these shoes upon hearing the brand name. Enhanced cushioning will help you go through rough situations of the game, as the shoes are made for all kinds of moments that one might encounter during the game. People with wide feet might find it to be suitable as the brand focuses on such people. But players with narrow or regular feet will face a hard time getting used to these shoes if they decide to go for them. For more information on shoes for a small feet, click here


3. Under Armour Curry 3 Zero

Curry 3 Zero

Steph Curry’s shoes offer a great amount of stability and control, as these shoes blend magic well within your legs. They are lightweight, flexible and provide extended support for players. Factors of cushioning in these shoes might not be the best when compared to Jordan Men’s Air or Nike Lebron, but they are still worth your money. The lack of impact protection in them might seem like a drawback and player with wide feet might not be relaxed at all times.


4. Air Jordan CP3.X


The Air Jordan CP3.x takes into consideration the wide problem and provides an ideal solution. Made from breathable woven material, these shoes are extremely practical in terms of affordability as they come at a price that you might not refuse. Rough matches will not leave your feet sore, as these shoes are designed to take on such instances. On the contrary, you might feel that these shoes are not the good low-cut kind, as you might feel a sense of discomfort, read this guide and learn the reason behind. But when it comes to wide feet, these shoes are still worth your investment.




10 Tips and Tricks for Wedding Photography

One of the most wonderful things that can happen to two people, is falling in love. It always calls for a celebration when the two decide to tie the knot, and many memories are made from such events. For this reason, couples planning to wed need the best photography available, to keep the memories with them for as long as they live. Here are 10 tips and tricks for wedding photography.

A qualified photographer is almost a sure bet. Qualifications such as having attended school to learn the necessary skills in the field, and perhaps even having additional training in the same, can guarantee you professional work since the expert knows what they are doing.

Always consider getting a photographer who specializes in weddings, since, they are more experienced in that particular area. A general photographer may be good, but one who has worked several weddings before is more knowledgeable, and can, therefore, do a better job.

In photography, the tools can disqualify the workman. The quality of the camera that the photographer uses significantly influences the results which you will receive. Therefore, ensure your expert of choice uses a proper set of equipment.

A great background for your photos also adds to the quality of the photo, and you should a location that catches the eye. A nice natural setting with trees and greenery, or on white sandy beaches. These present great locations for wedding photos.

Props and costumes are also a great way to spruce up your wedding photos because they add a little humor. You can put up a photo booth and include giant sized glasses, fake mustaches and such funny pieces, to break the monotony.

Ideal lighting is also necessary when setting up a location for your wedding photos. The area should not be too dull or too bright so that the photos aren’t ruined. Too much light can cause a glare effect while dullness can look gloomy and sad.

Everyone would want to take photos with the newlyweds, so it is easy to have very large groups at a time. Try reducing the number of people per photo, so that all people get good photos of themselves since the photos are taken at closer range.

Different professionals will charge differently, and it is wise to ask around before settling on one. Do a small survey on the average charges as well as on the other complimentary services availed. Some of these may include free photo albums, discounts on framing of photos, and such added services.

You may notice some flaws in the images before they are processed, which you don’t want to see in the finished product. Therefore, ask the photographer if he or she is skilled in editing as well, so as not to be disappointed afterwards.

To wrap it all up, skills and experience are all very important qualities in a photographer, but you’ll need all these tips in order to hack it on that special day. Sharing your skills in photography would make wonderful Christmas presents for friends.


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